5 – 6 players     ages 12      150 minutes


This extension for Catan: Explorers & Pirates allows a fifth and sixth player to join in the building, trading, colonizing, fishing, sailing, pirate battling, and spice trading fun. Catan: Explorers & Pirates – 5-6 Player Extension adds components for two more people to play Catan: Explorers & Pirates, the fourth major expansion for The Settlers of Catan.Belongs to the Catan Series.Expands (all are required): Catan<br/> Catan: 5-6 Player Extension<br/> Catan: Explorers & Pirates<br/>

By Klaus Teuber Devir

Categories: Expansion for Base-game, Nautical, Negotiation, Pirates, Transportation Mechanics: Dice Rolling, Hand Management, Modular Board, Route/Network Building, Trading