1 – 6 players     ages 14      45 minutes


Explore spooky dungeons, find glorious treasure, buy powerful magic items, and challenge the most horrible creatures. Will your party be able to defeat the final boss?In Dungeon Fighter, a fully cooperative board game, players take on the roles of heroes venturing deep into a three-tier dungeon. Along the way, they explore the dungeon, search its many rooms, and face endless hordes of vicious monsters. Best of all, your skill determines the ability of your character. Can you kill Medusa without looking into her eyes, defeat the Minotaur in the labyrinth, or resist the breath of the dragon? Will you be able to hit a target by throwing the dice under your leg with your eyes closed?You will feel truly part of a centuries-old battle between good and evil…with a touch of foolish stupidity.

By Aureliano Buonfino Cranio Creations

Categories: Action / Dexterity, Exploration, Fantasy, Fighting, Humor Mechanics: Card Drafting, Co-operative Play, Dice Rolling, Modular Board, Point to Point Movement, Variable Player Powers