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In Once Upon a Time, players tell a story together using cards that show fairytale elements and endings. Now add more possibilities to your game with the 55-card Animal Tales expansion.Card List from PublisherStory Cards:<br/>Appear (Event)<br/>At the Top (Place)<br/>Bear (Character)<br/>Bite (Event)<br/>Bone (Thing)<br/>Bug (Character)<br/>Cow (Character)<br/>Disguised as an Animal (Aspect)<br/>Dog (Character)<br/>Farm (Place Interrupt)<br/>Fierce (Aspect)<br/>Fur (Thing Interrupt)<br/>Group (Thing)<br/>Hole (Place)<br/>Hungry (Aspect Interrupt)<br/>Hunt (Event Interrupt)<br/>Inside (Place)<br/>Jump (Event)<br/>Lazy (Aspect Interrupt)<br/>Lion (Character Interrupt)<br/>Loyal (Aspect)<br/>Man-eating (Aspect)<br/>Mouse (Character)<br/>Nest (Place Interrupt)<br/>Noise (Thing)<br/>Owl (Character Interrupt)<br/>Paw (Thing)<br/>Rabbit (Character)<br/>Red (Aspect)<br/>Ride (Event Interrupt)<br/>Shadow (Thing)<br/>Smell (Thing)<br/>Summer (Place)<br/>Tail (Thing Interrupt)<br/>Tame (Aspect)<br/>Trick (Event)<br/>Vanish (Event)<br/>Winter (Place)Ending Cards:<br/>All agreed the animal was the wisest ruler they ever had.<br/>And that’s why those two creatures still hate each other.<br/>As a thank-you they invited the tiny animals to live with them.<br/>But he was terrified of the tiny creatures for the rest of his life.<br/>Every summer and winter the villagers thank the animals with a feast.<br/>Its quest done, the creature never spoke or did magic again.<br/>Now they knew the secret, they never ate those creatures again.<br/>So the loyal pet was reunited with its long-lost owner.<br/>That’s how those animals got their distinctive markings.<br/>That’s why the fierce beast still guards the ruins every night.<br/>The creature became human and the couple were able to marry.<br/>The smallest animals had saved the mighty kingdom.<br/>The story of how she tamed the monster is still told today.<br/>The trick was revealed and the animals chased the villain away.<br/>They let the beast keep the treasure; they had found each other.<br/>With the beast’s true identity known, the family could live peacefully.<br/>With the curse broken, the strange animal was never seen

By James Wallis Atlas Games

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