Canada Only




Entry Cost: $10

Format: Swiss


Platform: Table Top Simulator

Link for Universus/Universal Fighting System on steam


Table Top Simulator


UFS/UVS For Table Top Simulator


UVS/UFS Deck building




Everyone will start at 2 packs, each win will grant you an extra pack. Going 0-4 will still net you at least 2 packs. Going 4-0 will net you 6 packs.


Round break downs


5-8 Players = 3 Rounds

9-16 Players = 4 Rounds

17-32 Players = 5 Rounds

33- 64 Players = 6 Rounds

65-128 Players = 7 Rounds

129-212 Players = 8 Rounds

213- 385 Players = 9 Rounds


Players entering in the event must register with First name, Last name, Discord handle as well as reporting wins/losses to the Judge for the event

Players must be i the discord channel “Universus Canada”


Players must complete a deck list before entering the event and may not change cards in their deck prior to entering in the tournament.


All matches will be 1 hour after official start time.

General rules apply from


Additionally intentionally disconnecting from games will result in a DQ. Players must take screen caps if potential cheating occurs.


Rooms are to have 3 player rooms (one for each player, and one for the judge to oversee rulings.