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Description from the publisher:<br/><br/>&ldquo;Excuse me, sir. I see you&rsquo;ve only got one ship stationed on this here planet of ours. Well, around here we call that vagrancy, and it&rsquo;s illegal. So I&rsquo;m sorry sir, but I&rsquo;m afraid I&rsquo;m going to have to write you a ticket.&rdquo;<br/><br/>The galaxy of Cosmic Encounter, like most galaxies, is constantly changing. Just when you think you&rsquo;ve explored every corner of it and met most of its aliens, you turn around to find that a new star system has just materialized, full of new species with astonishing, wildly unique customs. You&rsquo;ve learned that when interacting with a strange alien for the first time, its best not to reveal all of your hand at once. If you want to establish colonies in these recently-formed parts of the galaxy, you&rsquo;ll have to be conceal your true intentions, negotiate with cunning, and be careful not to put your foot into cross-cultural quicksand&mdash;or into your mouth.<br/><br/>Cosmic Eons, an expansion for Cosmic Encounter, introduces new aliens with abilities unlike any you&rsquo;ve dealt with so far, but it doesn&rsquo;t stop there. This expansion features the Hidden Alliances variant, which enables you and your opponents to reveal simultaneously whose side you&rsquo;re on. With this simple mechanical twist, Cosmic Eons promises not just to open up a new part of the galaxy, but to change how you play the game.<br/><br/>




Felicia Cano, Bill Eberle, Peter Olotka

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