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From publisher blurb:<br/><br/>Get equipped for adventure with Beginner Baubles, the groundbreaking series from DeepDark Designs that makes 5th Edition character creation even more exciting, thrilling, and rewarding than ever before. Once you’ve experienced Beginner Baubles for yourself, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without them!<br/> <br/> <br/> So, What Are Beginner Baubles?Beginner Baubles are rare, one-of-a-kind objects that are either magical in nature or else exceptional in some other way. The rules governing their acquisition and use are a little bit different to those that relate to Magic Items, but the two function similarly enough that anyone who’s played 5th Edition should feel at home with their use right away. What makes them super fun and interesting is that unlike magic items, which are generally kept under lock and key until the players have chalked up hours and hours at the table (and their characters trudged through a litany of tasks and trials), Beginner Baubles instead serve as an exciting new facet of character creation and are usually provided before the players hit the table with their characters for the very first time.<br/><br/>With Beginner Baubles, every adventurer is blessed with a powerful gift at the start of their career. A boon worthy of the brave deeds and legendary feats of the hallowed heroes of yesteryear, in whose footsteps they will walk as they embark on their own grand adventure. Though their story is not yet written, the call to adventure is strong, and all true heroes must heed it.<br/> <br/> <br/> And Wilderness Essentials?Wilderness Essentials is the first entry in the Beginner Baubles line. Released monthly, each new issue in the series is packed to bursting with weird and wonderful prizes just waiting to be greedily devoured by the gluttons at your table. In addition to the baubles themselves, each supplement also includes fully-playtested new rules and mechanics, outstanding presentation and production values, a torrent of premium-quality artwork, and extra materials designed to help you get the most out of the series. Additionally, Beginner Baubles are completely setting-neutral, ready to be dropped into almost any fantasy world that allows for magic items and objects. Best of all, adopting a completely modular approach, each entry in the series can be used as a standalone supplement or in conjunction with any others that you acquire.<br/><br/>Beginner Baubles: Wilderness Essentials presents 20 baubles perfectly suited for those with a predilection to appreciate nature and spend time in the wilds beyond the cosseted borders of civilization. Barbarians, druids, hermits, outlanders, ramblers, rangers, recluses, survivalists, and wanderers should all find something to fall in love with here.<br/><br/>Wilderness Essentials includes the following baubles:<br/><br/> Barkskin Barrier. Ripped from the remains of a chestnut treant, this telepathic shield has a profound affinity for trees.<br/> Clasp of Elvenkind. A gift from an elven prince to the human woman he came to love, this weathered brooch confers the blessings of his people and marks its wearer as a friend to elves.<br/> Firstrike. Originating as a result of a chance encounter between a lost dwarven miner and a wish-granting efreeti, this curious tinderbox is anything but ordinary.<br/> Myrecloak. Found floating in the dankest, darkest depths of a quagmire, this living cloak proves a useful tool to any forced to traverse its natural habitat.<br/> Nirvana. Able to help unlock the true potential of the mind, this unusual staff is formed of gleaming, brightly-polished bone and harbors a dark secret about its former owners.<br/> Savoy. A strange legend lies behind this bizarre, other-worldly quiver and goes some way to explaining its unusual properties and the effect it has on arrows interned within it.<br/><br/><br/>



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